Projects that use MetaModel

Here are a few examples of projects that use MetaModel. If you're working on or know of a project that uses MetaModel, please let us know and we will consider it for this page.


DataCleaner is one of the most popular open source data quality applications. DataCleaner has powerful profiling features that enable you to go beyond the "tip of the iceberg" when you explore you datastore. Besides offering advanced analysis functionality the application is focused on easy of use and flexibility. This also propagates to the datastore-technology. In the DataCleaner project MetaModel is a vital component making the application possible of applying the same data profiling and analysis mechanisms on any datastore that you wish to investigate.

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HIquality Data Improver

The HIquality Data Improver delivers data quality directly to your browser. The HIquality Data Improver offers initial and regular data cleansing by simply pressing a button. Deduplication, matching, standardisation and merging based on Human Inference's acclaimed DQ services are integrated in one solution available online or on premise.

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Quipu is an open source data warehouse generation system that creates and monitors data warehouses. With Quipu you can implement a data warehouse much quicker and easier.

Quipu automates the data warehouse data model design and generates the load code (ETL) to fill the data warehouse from source systems.

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AnalyzerBeans is a framework for data analysis. It provides a data flow engine for processing data originating from any MetaModel datastore. AnalyzerBeans supports transforming data, filtering data, analyzing data and merging flows.

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